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I capture street life photographs from scenes that I come across with various Nikon cameras in Los Angeles and during my travels.

What is street photography? A reflection of every day life – real, unaltered impressions of public places, places that everybody visits every day, the street where you live, the parking lot of your favorite grocery store, the Street photographers document the truth – take candid pictures of things that you don’t notice in your daily grind.

Medical Mission to Peru

Back from the medical mission trip in Puno, Peru organized by Angels of Charity and Music ( These kids came from their homes which are sometimes miles from town either on foot or packed on a bus. Puno is located around 13,000 feet in elevation so conditions are harsh at best, this time of year being the winter season. They were seen predominately for cleft palate related issues.

Amazing children and parents who waited quietly and patiently for hours to be evaluated by the medical team.